Essential Supply Kits for Pregnant Youth and Single Moms

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    Essential Supplies for Pregnant youth and single moms living in low income and high risk areas


    Greater Toronto Area

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    November 19, 2012


    Small (up to $50K)


Startup essential supply baskets for pregnant youth and single moms ( age 27 and younger); living in low income and at risk neighborhoods within the GTA. A mobile unit that distributes baskets filled with essential supplies that pregnant youth and single moms will need for themselves and their babies, but cannot afford.

We will create a website in which pregnant youth and single moms can register to receive one of our baskets. The baskets will be delivered to individuals throughout the GTA weekly and bi-weekly, depending on individual needs.

Apart from the website we will be distributing the baskets in low income, high risk areas throughout the city, by way of food banks, community programs that focus on pregnant youth and single moms and a variety of religious organizations.

Baskets include;
-   What to expect when you’re expecting guide for pregnant youth and first time single moms
- Essential supplies needed for the early days of a newborn (diapers, wipes, blankets, clothing etc)
-  Hospital bag checklist
-  List of community programs  single moms can utilize
-  Coupons for future supplies a baby will need
-  Step by step list of milestones a new mom can expect with her newborn, and how to deal with each milestone

The funding from the Aviva Community Fund Competition will go towards;
-          Creating the website
-          Advertising services throughout the city
-          Transportation costs for running the mobile service
-          Supplies needed for putting together the kits for the first year (approximately 1,000 plus kits)
                   o    Each kit will cost roughly $30 to compile and deliver

After the first year we will rely on fundraisers, donations from the community, as well as different companies and suppliers to keep our mobile basket distribution running.