New Play Structure for OLMC School & Community - Ottawa

  • Submitted by:

    Christine Francoeur


    Our Lady of Mount Carmel School



  • Idea Created:

    November 14, 2012


    Small (up to $50K)


Our Lady of Mount Carmel School (OLMC) is located in a lower income area where we need additional support from outside resources to raise money for a much needed playground face lift! 

In 2014, the two play structures in the OLMC school playground will be removed, but not replaced unless we raise enough money.  This play structure is used on a daily basis by the students of OLMC and the residents of the surrounding community. 

Fundraising for the OLMC playground will be used to develop a
playground that:
  • Is accessible for people of all abilities.
  • Offers equipment that is safe and sustainable.
  • Provides a varied space that will accommodate children of all ages.
  • Provides opportunity for both the school and the community at large to purse an active lifestyle.Help our children become more active.
Let the children PLAY in an environment that is safe.Let the children PARTICIPATE in active play.Let the children LEARN new skills that will help them develop self esteem.Please help the school and the surrounding community in voting for this deserving cause.