Bring the Sim Family Together / Rassemblez la famille Sim

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    October 23, 2012


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Bring the Sim Family Together
Imagine being admitted to the hospital because of a trauma; a once in a lifetime event; a scenario that puts your life in grave danger. Now imagine that your doctor has already seen this scenario many times, as rare as it may be, and that this doctor has only been out of school for a few months.

While most would think that this is impossible, it’s the reality for staff at The Ottawa Hospital. Much like the aviation industry uses flight simulators to train pilots, healthcare professionals at our Hospital use patient simulators to recreate patient care in the emergency department, intensive care unit, and operating rooms. Thanks to The Ottawa Hospital Skills and Simulation Centre and its high-tech advanced patient simulators, our residents get hundreds of hours to practice fundamental skills, learn to make decisions in the face of complex medical situations, and prioritize patient care. They learn all this even before the end of their residency. 

Give Simone the family she deserves
Although loving her role as a patient simulator, Simone the female simulation mannequin is lonely. With your votes, we will be able to purchase an additional adult simulator - the SimMan, and an infant simulator - the SimBaby. These simulators would provide infinite learning scenarios for our residents (and would give Simone the companionship she deserves). Together, the Sim family would enable medical students and skilled physicians to develop new medical procedures and evaluate the latest innovations in patient care in a controlled environment where mistakes are part of the learning process and are of no risk to patients. 

Vote for our project and help us bring the Sim Family together! 

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