Education to Freedom School Building in Bungoma, Kenya

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    Jennifer Tyrwhitt-Gory


    Bungoma, Kenya

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    October 14, 2012


    $100k - 150k (< 2014)


This past July 2012, the owners of Insurance Portfolio Inc. went to Nairobi and Bungoma in Kenya to install 9 libraries, and delivered over 10,000 books.  While in Bungoma, which is the western part of Kenya near the Ugandan border, we were shown a project that had over 100 orphans at it, whom all arrived at the Archbishop’s home and church.  Not wanting to turn them away, are in desparate need of food, school supplies, and most importantly a school with kitchen and dormitory areas.  The children are presently being taken care of by the Archbishop’s sister, Dorcas, and we heard her express their great need.  Monies for feeding have recently been provided by a grassroots fundraiser, however, we feel that there is a great need for a school.  Education is a way to freedom from poverty.  When asked, many of the children will tell you they wish to be nurses, doctors and lawyers.  To whom is given, much is expected, and to whom even more is given, much more is required.