Veteran's Shelter

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    Danielle Stockley


    Central Ontario Chrome Divas


    Montreal, Quebec...

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    October 13, 2012


    $50k - $100k (< 2014)


In Montreal like all cities throughout Canada..there is a need for a safe shelter where Homeless Vets could gather for a daily hot meal, a shower, and warm clothes at hand...
If the need , a place to sleep..
There is a vital need of a safe environment but with Vets to share with them..
They need to feel like they are important and providing them with a place just for them..would provide the safeness..they seek..They are comfortable sleeping outdoors..they learned that skill in the military..The skill of survival was taught and has kept them all alive..Remember they face a daily battle out there..
A Shelter that does not judge but to share with them what their needs are...warm clothes, shower, warm  food, a warm bed to keep them warm during the cold months..And a place that does not judge..a place to to keep them safe...