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Over the past 5+ years the JHSS Breakfast Club have been available to all current students of Jacob Hespeler Secondary School. As time went on the need became greater and it made me wonder what is the need before our students get to high school. Unfortunately the need starts long before they come to us. It has been proven that a healthy start to a student's day can benefit in their learning and behaviour. Also everything a young mind learns is the foundation of what they will learn in later years. Therefore, it only makes sense to be able to help our feeder schools provide a healthy start to their students days.

At JHSS we have an industrial size working kitchen with all the health and safety procedures in place to ensure any handling and preparing of foods are done in a controlled and safe environment. This allows our program to purchase in large bulk quantities and individually portion out a wide variety of healthy grab and go foods.

The issue at our smaller schools seem to be
a) need smaller quantities of items available for delivery due to the need within the school
b) do not have the facilities to package bulk items into individual packaging
c) do not have the storage (cold or dry) to store a “stock” of items
Unfortunately, it is more costly for these smaller programs to have to purchase items which are pre-packaged. It is also wasteful to have to purchase larger quantities of food which they will not go through.

The plan is to provide weekly donations to our local elementary schools of prepared food items they would feel their students could benefit from. Below is a sample list of items, but not limited to what is available and/or possible.

Fruit - smaller quantities, variety of types
Baby Carrots - individually bagged portions
Rice Cakes - individually bagged portions
Hard boiled eggs - boiled fresh, as many or few as needed
Yogurt Tubes - smaller quantities
Granola Bars - smaller quantities
Apple Sauces - smaller quantities
Crackers - individually packaged, smaller quantities
Muffins - individually wrapped (made by supplier), smaller quantities
Scones - individually wrapped (made by supplier), smaller quantities

The supplier we use follows the Canada Food Guide and all items they provide are healthy nutritious items. This assists in the purchasing of food items without worrying about reading labels and ensuring we are feeding our students the right stuff.

By recording our donations to each feeder school, I am able to keep track of the amount of food and cost each school requires.

I believe we will see an increase in students marks and a decrease in behaviours as we assist those students who need a healthy morning start. If we can reach these students at a younger age, by the time they get to high school they will have a more solid foundation to build on and be successful for their future.

Funds from AVIVA would go towards the purchasing of food to assist us in supporting these amazing programs. Money is always key when trying to support and allow programs to grow to reach as many people as possible. Every dollar is truly appreciated! All donors are recognized on all social media, posters, and our school website page. We could not do what we do without the support of incredible companies, businesses and charity grants like AVIVA.

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