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Our Foundation is a grassroots initiative, formed after the tragic loss of Caroline Lorette from a severe allergic reaction to dairy. Caroline's death brought the community at large together, and her story has become a compelling educational tool for youth and our community.

While the words below capture the essence of our Big Idea, we encourage everyone to watch Caroline's Story to really understand why it has had such an impact. And more importantly, why we are seeking the Big Idea funding to use it for the broadest and most positive impact we can have.

We have two core community-based programs: 1) an allergy awareness program for schools and 2) our annual Sweet Caroline Run. In 2018 we partnered with Food Allergy Canada to launch a pilot project using an educational video called "Caroline's Story". The results of the pilot were excellent, and we have expanded it for Phase II happening this fall in the entire Anglophone South School District in New Brunswick. It will reach over 22,000 students and an estimated 80,000+ people in total when including families and staff. Our goal is to continue to measure and refine the awareness results, and use the district-wide rollout to inform a national launch of the program with Food Allergy Canada. It is completed in French and English, and New Brunswick is an ideal size to pilot the project for a national launch.

For 2018, we are linking our annual community run with the Allergy Awareness for Schools program to make both bigger and better than ever. The community difference we are making is: 1) a dramatic and measurable improvement in severe food allergy awareness in our schools - focused on the highest risks youth ages of 13-18. and 2) Holding a well attended, fun and competitive run/walk which includes awards, prizes, school teams and family. This submission is seeking the Big Idea assistance to help us take the Allergy Awareness for Schools program, its scholarships and the Sweet Caroline Run national.

When taken national, we believe we can reach and impact over 1,000,000 students across Canada. The awareness and learning from our project extends well beyond the youth we are targeting, and is proven to also creates awareness in their nuclear and extended families. With over 2.3 million Canadians having allergies, we believe the awareness we are creating will make all of their lives better.

The specific awareness and learning we have created and measured from Caroline's Story is the following:
1) Food allergies can be severe - even fatal (as we know from Caroline's Story)
2) Epinephrine is the only first line treatment for a severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis)
3) How to recognize the symptoms of anaphylaxis
4) How to use an epinephrine auto-injector, with the focus on EpiPens since they are the primary medical device for treatment in Canada
5) Bullying people who suffer from allergies is never allright

With Big Idea assistance, we will be able to launch the project nationally with Food Allergy Canada, and help our communities come together to help those with severe food allergies. And if our success so far is an indicator, we think we will save some more lives.

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