Small Ideas: $10,000


Every day thousands of kidney patients in British Columbia endure countless hours of dialysis each week because their kidneys are failing. It can be a gruelling ordeal for patients and their quality of life is affected emotionally, physically and financially. But they have no choice. Dialysis is often the only thing keeping these people alive.

Dialysis is the process of removing excess water, solutes and toxins from the blood in kidneys that have lost the ability to perform in a natural way. During dialysis, blood is circulated outside of the body and cooled. As the blood is returned the individual may experience some cooling and this can be uncomfortable for patients. One of the side effects of dialysis is that kidney patient’s feet often get cold.

Help us warm the “SOLE”, one step at a time.
Part of The Kidney Foundation of Canada’s mission is to help every kidney patient until there is a cure. Sometimes this can mean providing “small” supports and comfort items to kidney patients. Our “small”, yet tangible and impactful idea is to provide warm and comfy socks to all 3300 dialysis patients across the 61 Dialysis Units in British Columbia. Although we can not cure the patient’s kidney disease or provide them with a kidney, we can provide them with support and comfort during this difficult and uncomfortable time.

Starting dialysis often results in a decrease of income while out-of-pocket costs increase, such as those for transportation to treatment and medication. Kidney patients often face financial burdens – 20% of respondents in a recent survey reported they go without food, medication and other basic necessities as they struggle to maintain their dialysis regime. See more on the study here

Why socks? We were inspired by one of our dedicated Kidney Foundation volunteers who reached out and gave socks to dialysis patients in her community and made a huge difference. Last December Annick Lim, not only a volunteer, but a kidney transplant recipient too, took it upon herself to provide socks to dialysis patients in Penticton, BC. This proved to be a positive experience for the patients and we wanted to take her model and expand on it to communities across BC. See news article

The Kidney Community and Beyond
In researching sock manufacturers, we were introduced to an organization that donates one pair of socks to the homeless for every pair purchased. Homelessness is a huge social crisis here in BC. People live without basic life necessities and in fact, socks are deemed to be the number one need for people on the streets. By purchasing 3,300 socks for dialysis patients, we will also be providing 3,300 homeless with socks.

We recognize the impact that the socks will have on both the kidney community and homeless communities, as we will be providing thousands of people with a basic necessity that most Canadians take for granted.
We will engage with Aviva Brokers and Kidney Foundation volunteers to distribute socks both to dialysis clinics and to the homeless. We will identify heartwarming stories of kidney patients/homeless and roll out a media strategy to capture how kidney foundation volunteers and Aviva brokers are helping those in need via:
• Media releases to print, radio and TV across BC
• Social media channels
• Profile in our Kidney Newsletter and e-newsletter
• Plus, we will share on our very own TV show, PLUGGED IN, a one-of-a-kind kidney health branded TV show, produced twice a month by the BC & Yukon Branch and airs multiple times a day, every day on SHAW TV, SHAW Multicultural, SHAW Direct across Canada, and on our own YouTube Channel. This allows our reach to be much larger.

Budget is approximately $14,500 and we are committed to covering additional costs. With your help, we are #BetterTogether

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The Kidney Foundation of Canada, BC & Yukon Branch

Location: British Columbia, Canada