Big Ideas: $100,000


Our proposal is to build a “Wheelchair Accessible, Edible Path” that is inclusive and accessible to all. The path will be built on and around the Farm and Market in Clarenville.

A wheelchair accessible, edible path would serve the needs of people with disabilities and special mobility needs, who have limited access to outdoor green spaces. In line with the Government’s commitment to "removing community barriers for people with disabilities", the Ability Employment Corporation (AEC) would like to develop a “Wheel Chair Accessible, Edible Path” that will provide a space for all community members, regardless of ability, an opportunity to learn, play, and reap the many recreational and mental health benefits that are connected with being outside in mother-nature.

The Edible Path will be a ‘living classroom’ designed to educate and inspire community members and visitors about Newfoundland’s wide variety of native edible plants and the health benefits of consuming the naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which they contain. The path will be wheelchair-accessible, posted with braille signs, and guided by nature specialists to ensure that people from a variety of physical and cognitive backgrounds can enjoy all the path has to offer.

AEC is a charitable organization that provides career counseling and job placement services, along with social and volunteer programs to persons with intellectual disabilities and other barriers to employment. The Edible Path will also provide a platform for those with disabilities to build valuable employability skills while leading the ongoing path maintenance and upkeep.

“Having disabilities should not mean being disqualified from having access to every aspect of life.” (inspired by Emma Thompson) .

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Ability Employment Corporation

Location: Clarenville