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A community garden is a group of people coming together to nurture, develop, and sustain a growing space in the community. These types of gardens promote and produce organically grown food, and healthier and more active lifestyles, which in turn leads to a safer, more vibrant and connected community. This type of garden reflects the area it is a part of by engaging, helping to educate, and ultimately strengthening the community in a significant way.

Our goal is to develop our front garden space for the general community to use as a community garden. With Aviva grant support we would provide the gardening structures and access to water and the community members would Adopt-A-Garden, growing fresh vegetables and flowers. This would in turn not only support sustainable food network options with the local community but also provide a sustainable community led beautification of the long term care centers front garden space. the gain for both the long term care residents living at Lynnwood and the community members residing in the apartments and condo's across the street would be fantastic. It would be a nurturing of both sustainability for individuals but also for the community connectedness as well.

The main goals would be:
1. Healthy food production.
2. Community building.
3. A place to share inter generational gardening knowledge, ideas and experiences.

At present there are a couple of community gardens located near schools but they have waitlists so the need for another garden is high. the increased community networking opportunities adds value to this particular community garden space.

The costs related to this are minimal with maintenance from the Lynnwood Centre supporting the ongoing sustainable needs of the garden bed structures.

So many people will be impacted by this Community Garden. This would include the community at large, the Lynn wood Community League, the residents of CapitalCare Lynnwood, their families, the staff and the many volunteers at the centre.

If we received funding the impact would be widespread and would allow us to make this Community Garden happen!

The idea fosters connections between stakeholders such as the Lynnwood Community League, members of the community.....

All of this will help make the community better together.

Images below include the current garden space without the community garden. As well as Veg trough raised bed styles for the gardening structures.

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