Big Ideas: $100,000


Play to the Max Playground Project aims to design, develop and fundraise for playground equipment and community garden which will promote active living through sport, recreation and play. Play to the Max Playground will be an inclusive space that strengthens our community as an essential determinant of health.

Max Aitken Academy currently has a school population of 565 students and growing. Through daily playground use, students will benefit from enhanced physical activity. It has been proven time and time again that physical literacy is vital to the growth and development of all children. Having an inclusive playground and recreation area at Max Aitken Academy will benefit those children in our school and community who require that little bit more. More opportunities to play in an environment designed specifically with their needs in mind. More equipment tailored to help them find their place amongst their friends and not on the sidelines.

Better access to surfaces that will allow ALL children to take place in inclusive sports, physical activity and recreation programs every single day. To date, Max Aitken does not have playground equipment which offers inclusive play space for our children. Our school is accessible and inclusive on the inside and our students deserve that same accessibility in their outdoor space.

Outside of school hours Play to the Max Playground will be a destination for families, for friends, and for the community. With a population of over 17,535 in Miramichi West and surrounding areas, Play to the Max Playground will see high usage at all times of year. Its accessibility provides the opportunity for families to play together in one space, for community groups such as local childcare centers to bring all of their children knowing there will be equipment and inclusive space for everyone, and for the greater community to gather and be kids again themselves. Our playground equipment will provide challenges to learn through play, including inclusive space for youth to get involved and grow through new experiences. Every single individual both within the school and within the greater community will have the opportunity to be involved no matter their ability.

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