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Our full idea name is: "Bringing Children, Youths and Families Together to Help Animals In Their Community".

Furry Tales Cat Rescue currently has a school presentation that introduces children and youths to, who we are, what we do and encourage them to be kind to animals. This presentation so far has been well received especially when we bring cats or kittens with us that they can see and touch. Young minds however are easily distracted and a short presentation during a busy school day with so many other activities going on can soon be forgotten.

Furry Tales recognizes that children and youths are our future community leaders and professionals. If we truly want to have a lasting impact on their young minds it takes more than just a one hour presentation. They learn and remember by participating and we want to present something that they can learn from and be a part of. We want to expand our current presentation to be more, to give them something to see, take away and develop. A chance to create their own ideas or projects that will raise awareness of the humane treatment of animals within their community.

The main objective of this idea is to show children and youths how to work together within their school classes or at home with families, friends or in their neighbourhoods to promote kindness and to help animals. We believe that by showing and encouraging them how to care for animals properly and treat them humanely in their early, learning years that they will carry these values into their adult lives. Our idea would still be a school presentation but focus more on how children and youths can help and how important their contributions are. We would explore opportunities for them to help out directly and encourage parent and family participation. Plus, show some examples of opportunities for them to create their own unique ideas or projects to help animals. With the right resources and materials available they can develop ideas in their classrooms or take the information home to share with their families and friends.

We are being conservative in our estimates of how many children our idea will impact depending on the the numbers of students and classes we present in and the interest we hope to generate. We estimated our impact to be approximately 1000 children and youths by the end of the project but numbers could be much higher when taking family, friends and neighbours into account. There are more and more examples of young people taking the lead to help animals through their own unique projects and raising awareness of kindness and care. Children and youth have become incredible ambassadors in the efforts to raise awareness and help animals in their communities.

Furry Tales Cat Rescue would sincerely appreciate the opportunity to succeed with this investment into the children and youth of our community.

Thank you

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Furry Tales Cat Rescue

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