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The Legacy Garden Committee of Lethbridge and District Horticultural Society, and the Society's Board of Directors, has committed to development of a two-acre ornamental garden as part of the new 73-acre Lethbridge Legacy Regional Park. The Society brought the ornamental garden proposal to the City of Lethbridge and is a partner with the city on the project.
The idea for the Aviva Community Fund is to develop three pergolas, which were constructed as part of the initial garden development, and are intended to be a centre-piece of the new garden. We plan to mount large information boards on the pergolas. The boards will provide a detailed map of the garden and an index of the plants and their locations as part of our garden educational component. One board will list the "Friends of the Park" including Aviva as a contributor to the garden.
The educational program will allow school groups, gardeners and others to learn about the plants that will thrive in our area. The Friends part will encourage community residents and organizations to contribute and become part of the effort to establish the garden as a focal point in the community.
The second part of our idea is to procure and place an number of plant boxes, shrubs and trees to make the Pergola area a green and colourful space. Since our Society is composed entirely of volunteers, we will be calling on many others to help with planting and maintenance.
We plan to create a free-access, tranquil area, open to all citizens for their enjoyment and edification and to foster positive mental health.
If we receive the funds, the information boards and plant boxes would be procured during the winter of 2018-2019 and be placed in the garden during the spring/summer of 2019.
The garden could potentially impact all citizens of Lethbridge, with a population of 100,000, and the surrounding district who might visit the garden and participate in its development. Directly, we anticipate 50-100 volunteers. We also hope to involve 100-200 people and businesses as donors to the garden. We already have a number of businesses, community groups and individuals who have become Friends of the Garden.

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