Big Ideas: $100,000


Pine Grove Public School is a vibrant, diverse, innovative elementary school with a rapidly growing number of students from Junior Kindergarten through Grade Eight, in the north end of St. Catharines. The community is embarking on the challenge of building a new nature inspired playground for our school and community. Our current playground does not meet the needs of our students, and is in need of restructuring for safety and accessibility to all. The school board does not specifically allocate any funding for playgrounds, therefore these funds must be raised by the school and community.

Our new accessible playground design will have a space created to include our kindergarten students, which our current playground does not have. It will also include a space for the older students that will encourage physical activity and provide a continual challenge. A separate play panel pocket will be included to offer an inclusive play space, away from the rambunctious area for less active play as well.

A nature inspired playground will benefit all of the students at our school as well as the children and families in our community for many years to come. Our plan is to create a safe and enriching environment where our students can learn and connect with nature, where families can gather, play, make memories and create an even better sense of community.

We have tremendous school pride working in our favor and are all very excited to be sharing in this venture with you. This particular initiative is part of our vision: We are Going to be Better, Working Together. All stakeholders (students, parents, staff, administration and community partners) are committed to this project and look forward to the positive impact and legacy it will have in our community.

Thank you to the Aviva Community Fund for this wonderful opportunity and thank YOU for taking the time to read our story. Every vote counts and brings us that much closer to making our dreams of a new nature inspired playground come true.

Pine Grove Public School is forever grateful for your contribution to the enhancement of our children’s development, school and community.

Thank you again and best wishes from everyone at Pine Grove.

Pine Grove Public School (District School Board of Niagara)

Location: St. Catharines