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The youth of today form the foundation of tomorrow's world. It is our hope that through offering opportunities for youth to develop critical leadership skills through public speaking, we can help prepare young people to be strong leaders both today and into the future. Creating a safe and welcoming environment is key to engaging youth regardless of their background. When they feel comfortable, this opens a world of possibilities for creating relationships and finding one's future potential. When given the tools to succeed, youth are able to thrive and motivate one another to be better versions of themselves. Our program will be implementing a public speaking component to our already successful leadership skill building program through our provincial events, as well as at our grassroots post levels in the local communities across the island. Preparing our youth for the future by building an important skill, public speaking, will help strengthen our youth to become better students, and model candidates for the workforce. It is our hope that our youth will embrace their skills to both better themselves, and the community in which they live. Our program serves over 2000 youth annually and reaches over 40 communities in Newfoundland and Labrador. With a focus on youth issues, we recognize that our youth need the tools to build their skill sets, and once this is achieved, they can become stronger leaders who go on to better and strengthen the abilities of others, creating a ripple effect in the community. With the rise of technology in a growing digital world, our Leaders Speak Out program will work to to help our youth maintain and strengthen their important communication skills.

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