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When the long, cold nights of winter descend upon our city, many Montrealers turn to a good book to pass the time indoors - often to read them, or occasionally to write one themselves. Inspired by the joys of reading and to celebrate Montreal’s incredible literary talent, the NDG Community Council is thrilled to be hosting Combat des livres NDG Reads - V2 : the neighbourhood’s preeminent literary event.

Combat des livres NDG Reads - V2 is a public literary debate competition based on the Canada Reads // Combat des Livres format created by the CBC in 2001. A panel of engaging personalities select, present, and defend a locally-authored book that they believe Montrealers should read in a friendly competition before a live audience. Votes are taken in a game-show format, and through process of elimination, one book is selected as the champion. And so on February 22nd, all will be welcomed to witness this free, live literary battle where some of our community’s finest minds will crown the must-read Montreal novel for 2019.

This will be the 2nd time the Council has hosted this event in NDG - the first Combat des livres NDG Reads was a huge success with resounding calls for more from everyone who attended.

The main goal of Combat des livres NDG Reads is to celebrate Montreal culture, lifestyle, talent, and community, and the importance of literature in shaping our lives. Community organizer Sharon Sweeney « I wanted to create NDG Reads because literature crosses boundaries, pushes limits, connects us and lets us know that we are not alone. Literature is perhaps the most accessible art form we have - books can be found for free in public libraries, and anyone who wants to write only needs access to a pencil and paper »

Historic NDG is one of Montreal’s great neighbourhoods, a crossroads of cultures and languages, and a hub of local action, and is the perfect locale for such an event. The event is intended to promote an interest in local artistic talent from all backgrounds, to encourage literacy among all citizens, and to build bridges between the Montreal’s cultural and linguistic communities. This year’s theme - celebrating the literary contributions of first-generation immigrant writers from Montreal - fits the Better Together theme to a T. By choosing this theme, we would like to show off just how excitingly diverse Montreal’s cultural scene really is.

Already well-known performing artist Paul Cargnello, as well as McGill University professor Daniel Weinstock, have agreed to participate as judges for this year’s event, with more to be announced soon.

This soirée will be completely free and open for all the neighbourhood to attend. The Council will work hard to ensure that we put on an inclusive cultural event of the highest quality, but we need your support. The potential for funding from Aviva will guarantee that we will have all the resources on hand to build Combat des livres NDG Reads into a truly impactful and unifying event not only for 2019 but for years to come.

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