Small Ideas: $10,000


We will establish a community ‘edible forest garden,’ with fruit trees, berry shrubs and other edible, perennial plants, in a public location in downtown Sudbury. The garden will be a small-scale version of our successful Delki Dozzi Community Food Forest. That project involved more than 120 volunteers in planning, planting and maintaining an 8,000 square foot area of edible, perennial plants in a municipal park. Everyone is welcome to pick food from the garden, which was planted and is maintained without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. It was designed to conserve water, with careful planning and by choosing plants that are drought tolerant and adapted for the local climate.

The Downtown Sudbury Edible Forest Garden will be much smaller than our earlier project, approximately 1,000 square feet, so that it can be completed on a much smaller budget. It will serve as a model to establish at least 8 to 10 of these smaller edible forest gardens throughout Greater Sudbury over the next few years.

As with our earlier project, the garden will be planned and planted through a series of educational workshops with experienced volunteers serving as mentors for others who would like to get involved. Once established, food from the garden will be available to be picked by anyone in the community, free of charge. This will increase the amount of fresh, healthy food available to people in the downtown core of Sudbury, where a large percentage of the population is low income. The garden will become a permanent educational space where both adults and children will be able to visit and learn about growing food in an environmentally-friendly way.

We will use funding from Aviva Community Fund to purchase and transport plants, materials and supplies, and to compensate a project manager and workshop presenters.

Thank you for supporting our project!

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Location: Sudbury