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YES project - Youth Engaging Seniors in low income communities where they both live.
For over 25 years the Victory Foundation has taken a community approach to helping the marginalized in low income neighbourhoods, providing Housing [80 rooms], clothing and food [ 90,000 meals annually].

The new YES program [Youth Engaging Seniors] is designed to engage our rapidly growing youth outreach program already in operation [100 youth+ weekly attenders] together with the high needs seniors population in the two low income communities of Forest Lawn and Ogden.[Calgary]

Presently our youth live in the same communities with our seniors but rarely interact in a formal setting with them. The object of this project will be to create events that will diversify and expand on our already successful food programs by adding youth and seniors interactions around meals. By increasing our weekly meal programs, the YES project will benefit the quality of life for seniors and for youth creating healthier connections in the community as a whole.

The YES program will provide monthly and weekly events designed around meals prepared and served by youth to seniors who are statistically living on the margins limited by fixed incomes.

Food Events
Weekly meals served to seniors with youth in rotation, serving under supervision of experienced volunteers.
Twice weekly food hamper program with youth volunteering under supervision of experienced volunteers

Outing events.
Movie nights. -Movies of common interest. e.g. real life drama, romance etc. Youth will escort senior to seat,and serve concession snacks for themselves and seniors.
Dance nights.- Lessons in line dancing, square dancing and other variations that are safe for seniors and fun for youth.
Talent night - talent from both youth and seniors showcased.
Live theatre nights-Local musical and drama presentations. Youth will escort seniors.
Educational events- hosting experts on different topics e.g. effects of poverty on seniors and youth. life /estate planning. Seniors raising grandchildren, healthy eating. etc. ( incorporated with meal program times)
All events will be supervised by experienced youth leaders and volunteers. Transportation will be provided when needed.

Many of the seniors and the majority of youth living in our low income communities rarely can afford these types of activities. Winning this competition would not only provide special opportunities for economically challenged youth and seniors but would engage them in meaningful relationships in the process.
Thank you for your support.
Victory Foundation taking a community approach to alleviating the poverty.

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