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Kawartha Wildlife Centre (KWC) is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of injured or orphaned native wildlife species. KWC was founded in 2017 with a mission to establish a full-service rehabilitation and treatment centre, as well as to educate the public on coexistence with wildlife.

Kawartha Wildlife Centre is developing an immersive campaign called the Kawartha Wildlife Coexistence Initiative (KWCI) to educate the public in the City of Kawartha Lakes, Peterborough and Peterborough County on the benefits of wildlife coexistence. KWCI is built on the premise that wildlife not only has intrinsic value but provides real and tangible benefits in the form of a balanced ecosystem and bringing together the local and regional community of all people.

KWCI focuses on three groups: children, adults, and seniors. We believe that all generations provide value in the protection of wildlife, both in providing opportunities for our newest generation to become involved in wildlife conservation activities, but relying on the active support of our older generations and the wealth of heritage of stories, memories, and experiences that make up the rich connections between wildlife and our local community.

Everyone has a stake in a healthy environment. We need fish in our lakes; animals in our forests, and birds in our skies. The local recreational fishing, forestry, and outdoor tourism industries depend on a healthy balanced ecosystem and everyone from all walks life, regardless of faith, cultural background, and social-economic groups can share in this initiative.

KWCI will involve a multi-effort approach in its educational mandate. We will be:
-Expanding our summer educational camps, specifically dedicated to bring a diverse group of children together to explore and experience wildlife conservation through wildlife rehabilitation projects. We want to create the next generation of passionate and dedicated wildlife coexistence agents
-Build an immersive training program for local organizations and businesses that are keen to decrease their impact on local wildlife
-Developing a comprehensive training session for Kawartha Wildlife Centre Volunteers to responsibly and carefully handle injured Ontario wildlife.
-Designing a suite of educational programming dedicated to target to classrooms, libraries, and other youth organizations to promote the essential concept of wildlife coexistence.
-Empowering our most senior generation by Capturing the heritage, stories, and experiences through art, music, multimedia to personalize the wildlife passion for those who cannot have those experiences at our summer camp and other educational events.

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Kawartha Wildlife Centre

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