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Project 364 Abbotsford is designed to support individuals and families in Abbotsford British Columbia. and surrounding areas. People in Aldergrove and Mission are welcome to be a part of the group but need to pickup in Abbotsford. The group currently has 1900 members on facebook.

Its vision is about giving and receiving but also a one stop resource hub, job bank, pay it forward and a market for self employed members to sell services and goods.

Most importantly, Project 364 Abbotsford strives to feed people who have no access to the available traditional resources and have a legitimate need. Grant funds would be used to buy: 1)a 49ft commercial grade freezer that will be used to store frozen donated items $6500 2) a commercial cryovac machine. The group leader uses her home one now but she has gone through two as the home ones are not designed for the volume we do. The cryovac is ued to preserve donated veggies etc. for the hampers we give away. A Vacmaster commercial one is $1500 3) Four 38 gallon Rubbermaid totes $125 each $500 for the four totes that will be used to store items like flour, dried peas and lentils and 4) $1500 to buy dairy and protein for the hampers. We have relationships with local farmers where we can buy these items at a lower cost.

This group is unique as members give as well as receive. It empowers its members by the belief that everyone had something to give.

LINC donates produce to Project 364 Abbotsford and really likes the work it does...alll out of the house of its founder Trena Bennett.

These items would really help the group help erase food insecurity by increasing its ability to store and preserve donated items for its hamper programme etc Thus helping those who can not access the traditional available resources such as food banks.

The pictures below are some of the donated food items.

Thanking you for your consideration. Much appreciated.

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LINC on behalf of Project 364 Abbotsford

Location: Abbotsford