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The proposed project "The Future We Want” will deliver educational workshops and resources in the Calgary and Bow Valley regions to children and youth to take action for social justice including ending extreme poverty, fighting inequality, and living sustainably. The focus of this development education project will follow the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and provide ways Albertans can lead in attaining these goals.

The project will strengthen CAUSE Canada's capacity to mobilize the local community of Calgary and the Bow Valley to work on the SDGs. It will support increased focus by these communities on social justice locally and internationally.

The program will take a two-fold approach to development education by:
1) Providing workshops in school classrooms and with other youth-focused groups, such as Girl Guides, on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
Total workshops:
• multi-day workshops in public school classrooms to a total of at least 210 kids; and
• presentations to community youth groups to a total of at least 50 youth.

2) Develop and distribute online and printed materials that increase understanding of the SDGs and suggest actions that children, youth, and the general public can take to contribute to change. The educational materials will be developed and shared on the website, which will be maintained on the WordPress platform to ensure that it is easy for CAUSE Canada staff to update as needed. The educational materials will be available for download from the website as a resource for teachers, or leaders of youth groups. Given that the Sustainable Development Goals are the focus of the United Nations until 2030, these resources will remain relevant and useful for a considerable period of time after the completion of the project.
• Develop the content of the CAUSE Canada website to act as a resource for Albertans on how they can actively be part of the solution to achieving the SDGs.
• Develop and distribute materials to Albertans that raise the profile of the SDGs with actionable items that can be undertaken by Albertans. Resources will reach at least 2,000 Albertans.

The project will focus on empowering participants to contribute to social justice using fun, engaging curriculum on global issues, leadership and community service, and converting knowledge into action. Participants will gain an understanding of issues that challenge local communities and those around the world via research-based lessons, current and historical events, and innovative solutions that contribute to attaining the SDGs. Lastly, CAUSE Canada’s international expertise enables the project to use first-hand examples that illustrate both the impact of not acting as well as the positive outcomes when actions are taken. Anecdotes and pictures will illustrate the necessity of implementing the SDGs here in Alberta.

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