Small Ideas: $10,000


Every child deserves to feel exhilarated and experience new sights, sounds and textures. It is important that a playground not only meet accessibility standards, it must also provide engaging experiences for all kids to play alongside one another, regardless of their abilities.

The funds will be used to provide accessible playground equipment in our (one and only) park in the Village of Westport. Five years ago our park was an ignored green space in the middle of the Village. Since that time volunteers have fund raised and applied for grants to transform it into a place for sports, leisure and family gatherings. In 2018, a natural playground was built for children without physical challenges and in 2019 we want to complete the playground by ensuring it is inclusive for all children.

For children with challenges, we need an accessible play area and wheelchair-accessible playground equipment so they can play and be children, just like everyone else. Play is crucial for human development, the growth of social skills and self-confidence.

For other children, using playground equipment designed with disabled children in mind can also offer big benefits, such as encouraging empathy and other skills that will benefit children throughout their entire lives. Adults who have mobility issues can benefit from wheelchair-accessible playgrounds because these playgrounds allow them to go to the park with their children and grandchildren.

Westport wants to install two popular pieces of equipment. The first will be the saucer and intended for all children. It is designed for safe use by children in a wheelchair. Saucers provides spinning experience and the rotary motion is essential to support such functions as balance, muscle tone, head-eye-hand coordination and spatial orientation.

Westport also wants swings to be included in the playground - both for disabled and abled children. The simple pleasure of swinging is important for developing balance, equilibrium, coordinating the right and left sides of the body and tracking with the eyes.

We have lots of room in Lockwood Park beside the existing natural playground for these two additions. Photos of the park have been included.

By working together and creating this playground for use by all children, we will bring the whole community together.

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Corporation of the Village of Westport

Location: Westport