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The Whitmore School play structure does not meet code and will soon be demolished. With this news, we the PPC, have worked to ensure our students are without a structure for as little time as possible. Whitmore is counting on community support to make this a reality and they are coming through for us, big time. This project has strengthened our community with over 50 businesses in Dauphin rallying together, offering assistance in a variety of forms to show their support.

In starting our journey and seeking out community assistance, Whitmore School decided it is important to let you know we are taking measures and putting forth a great effort to raise funds. This fund raising is the sole responsibility of the school’s Parent Partnership Council members as there is no divisional or provincial funding set aside for this. A new and basic play structure for a school yard is estimated to be an astonishing $100,000 - $150,000. We are a smaller school in town with a much lower enrollment. Therefore we are a smaller PPC of currently six members. We are a dedicated group of parents and willing to put in time and great effort for our children and all students, to provide this essential opportunity.

Whitmore School provides daily nutrition to all our students with our breakfast program. Much of the additional funds we do receive through grants go toward ensuring our students start their day off with a healthy breakfast. In part with proper nutrition, we feel it is critical to provide the students an opportunity to engage in positive and constructive activities a structure provides by letting kids be kids: running, jumping, climbing and playing. A suitable play structure is also essential to provide a safe and engaging place for the children in the community to play in the evenings and weekends. As well, there are three daycares located within the area that would benefit directly from this play structure. Our vision is that this structure will be a community structure. We see it as a year round playground where the citizens of Dauphin can come to play, get active and get to know each other.

In our selection of playground designs we chose designs that were more inclusive of people with special needs. This includes Fibar Surface for the ground, which enables wheel chair access to the structure. We also chose some low rise equipment for people in wheelchairs to access with ease. All other play structures in Dauphin use pea gravel as surface, which is not accessible to wheelchairs.

Our selection of equipment was innovative with intent. We chose a structure that was very unique and unlike anything Dauphin has to offer. Our goal is to get the community of Dauphin engaged and have children and families from all corners of town, travel to play on our structure. We want to make the students of Whitmore School proud of their playground. We want to draw people in and help people realize what Whitmore School truly has to offer and not have people base opinions of the school on the sad state of the current structure. We want to instigate conversations, bridge gaps, break barriers and have people meeting people. We want to give our neighborhood a real sense of pride.

Please note: We have narrowed down our selection of play structures we received quotes on, which are pictured in our submission. All options meet the criteria mentioned.

Whitmore School and Community Play Structure #BetterTogether

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