Big Ideas: $100,000


Sutton, Ontario is a rural community located in the Town of Georgina. Two of our neighbourhood schools (Black River Public School and St. Bernadette's Catholic School) are located on the same property as our town pool and library. The 2015 census for the Town of Georgina showed 7500 children from the ages of 0-14 in this community. This number has only increased due to new home builds, and all of these children have access to this location either for school and/or by using the town library, pool, or simply as a public space. The playground and outside area leaves much to be desired by the children in this community. Currently there is an older playground on this location, however it is closed and caution taped off due to safety concerns more often than it is open. The children in this small town do not have many options for outdoor playgrounds, and the children who attend these schools only have an open field which hardly even offers an ounce of shade.

A new and improved playground would foster a sense of belonging where children from the schools and community can appreciate the diversity in others. They will be able to play in a safe location where they can improve balance, motor functioning, and physical strength; , improve social skills; and learn to share and support each other. The teachers will be able to use this space to evaluate students further and in a different environment, and can use it to connect with other teachers and peers.

What do we really need help with? The funding for a large play structure that has been priced out at $109,000. St. Bernadette's has put a lot of effort into researching and pricing out new play structures, and now we at Black River P.S would like to work together to try to make this dream a reality for this community! An example of the play structure that Black River and St. Bernadette's is hoping to have for the children of this community is attached. Please note that the large slides will likely be where an accessible ramp would be.

The cost of the unit is $44,455.00, plus approximately $4000.00 extra due to the school boards and municipalities new guide lines for play structures (regarding the installation of the ramp) to meet the new accessible playground standards. The cost to remove all the ground materials (the tiny pea gravel stones) and replace with ground materials that meet the new code standards is $35,000.00. We were told they would have to remove all the stones there, dispose of them, re-dig, re-grade the area, and then re-cover it with a ground material that meets the new code standards, which would likely be engineered wood chips. The cost of installation and shipping was approximately $22,000.00, for a total of approximately $109,000. This is a figure that is simply not feasible for these two schools to pull together, regardless of their joint fundraising efforts.

Together, we appreciate our application being reviewed and are extremely hopeful that we have a chance at fulfilling the dreams of our students.

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