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We believe that everyone deserves a space where they can thrive!

For over 25 years, The Safehaven Project for Community Living has been providing exceptional care to children with developmental disabilities and complex care needs. With five locations across the GTA, we serve almost 200 families every year. Our residential and respite care programs provide round-the-clock care, 365 days a year, for a wide-range of individuals including those living with cerebral palsy and genetic/seizure disorders.

Our mission is to provide high-quality, family-centred, and community-based residential and respite care for these individuals with these developmental disabilities.

Our idea is to have on-going accessible recreational programming/therapies as well as community involvement programming.

Many of our clients aren't able to participate in traditional community programming, it isn't accessible to them, or they require 1:1 adult supervision when attending a community program. Several of our residential clients have asked to be part of the Girl Guides/Boy Scouts, we would love to offer this option to them which requires accessible transportation, 1:1 supervision as well as the cost to participate in the program.

Other clients have benefited from in-house music therapy sessions, clown therapy and animal therapy sessions that we are able to provide on a sporatic basis. It is our dream to be able to offer these therapies on a regular basis to these clients. The senses play an integral role in how we all perceive the world around us. Regular ongoing therapy can help our clients, who often face challenges with processing situations and information to increase their capacity to adapt and feel safe, calm and comfortable in scenarios that might have caused distress in the past.

Receiving funding through Aviva's Community Fund would enable us to create a consistent schedule of therapeutic recreational activities for clients at each of our 5 GTA locations. This therapeutic calendar would enhance the benefit of these therapies, as each session would build upon progress recognized by the previous session. We are excited at the prospect of seeing the positive changes consistent programming will offer our clients.

Therapies and community involvement programs increase social opportunity for our clients and reduce social isolation. Our clients come from all socio-economic backgrounds, numerous clients come from marginalized communities and low-income backgrounds. Upwards of 60% of our clients are living in single-parent households and almost 50% come from homes where English is spoken as a second language. Around 30% live in subsidized housing.

The Band of Hearts, a volunteer group that one of your employees Debbie Attardo is part of, has been a tremendous fundraising partner for Safehaven. This summer they raised funds to host an art therapy day which was an amazing way to engage our clients. We are so incredibly grateful for the passion Band of Hearts has for Safehaven and our clients.

Please vote for Safehaven for the Aviva Community Fund - it would make a tremendous difference in the lives of our kids!

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The Safehaven Project for Community Living

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