Small Ideas: $10,000


Educational research has pointed to the importance of parent-teacher partnership in student achievement. It has also dramatically highlighted the importance of early literacy and numeracy opportunities in predicting future achievement. The Elms Junior Middle School and The Boys Leadership Academy would use their funding to sponsor Numeracy and Literacy Game Events for parents and children.

We are currently identified as a Math Intensive school, meaning that our 5 year data trail on EQAO is one of the lowest among TDSB schools. About half of our population in both Grades 3 and 6 did not meet Provincial standard on the EQAO test for reading/writing. Only 24% of our Grade 3 students and 11% of our Grade 6 students met the Provincial standard in mathematics. This paints a picture of extreme need amongst our students and highlights the urgency of engaging our parents to support our work.

Our school is attempting to engage parents in a collaborative way. Part of our focus is to demonstrate to parents that simple acts, like playing literacy and numeracy based games with children, can have a dramatic effect on their child's achievement and the ensuring of more equitable outcomes. The TDSB has demonstrated opportunity and achievement gaps among its black student population in particular, which we want very much to counteract. We believe that we can accomplish this by providing simple strategies through the teaching of simple and impactful literacy/numeracy games.

At our game events, we will be providing parents with childminding and a light meal, to reduce barriers to their participation. By providing on-site childminding in the school, a parent can attend with multiple children, but have the opportunity to focus on a few at a time. By providing a light meal, we will allow parents to be relieved of the stress of feeding their children before attending the event.

We plan to have our game events monthly, throughout the school year, organized and supported by staff and Administrators. We will also use available funds to prepare packages of game materials that parents will take home from each event, such as math manipulatives, dice, cards, letter tiles, etc. We are hoping that by giving opportunities for parents and their children to play games in a supported setting and providing supporting materials, that they will be more likely to engage in these activities at home.

Lastly, some of the funds will be use to promote the event within our community. Flyers, banners and emails will all be used to compensate for the inequitable access to technology in our students' homes.

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