Small Ideas: $10,000


If we are able to offer more supportive services such as Yoga in Recovery; mindful meditation; invited speakers and discussion panels; we would be able to gather more people in our facility which receives over 1,000 weekly visits already.

Provided that we received this incremental funding we could expand out programing and pay for things such as instructors / counselors / lectures which very often are nominal amounts and sometimes it just means being able to offer bottled water and coffee for lectures or mini-conferences. These are things we have looked into in the past and are not able to organize solely because of lack of funding. We know there is interest and desire for participation in the community because we have asked and we have been asked often.

None of the funding received would go towards our operating budget or current activities. We would expand what we are able to do and therefore attract even more of our at-risk community to our facility and provide what is the opposite of addiction - human connections and interactions.

We are entirely self supported but for a Community Gaming Grant of $25,000 which is only 10% of our operating costs and because of that we are unable to add additional programming which would attract more people to take advantage of our facility.

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Alano Club of Vancouver Society

Location: Vancouver