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The Heart of any home is the kitchen, and for those without a safe place to call home, a community kitchen is theirs. This is the case at Oak Table Drop-In. Four days a week a hot meal is offered to anyone in need – But not just a Meal is Served. This is a home!
“I like it here, they look out for me, they know me. This is my family.”
Imagine a place where you don't know anyone but you’re greeted warmly. Imagine being
greeted with a big smile after working up the courage, maybe for days, maybe for weeks, to walk in and get help. Imagine feeling like you belong, are welcome and knowing that now you can come back as long as you need to.

Volunteers offer a kind listening ear. Guests call them their family, hugs are exchanged, love is offered and received. No one feels rushed to leave here. Wiith your support for the new community kitchen, guests with mobility issues will have a volunteer serve them at their seat,and allow for healthier foods to be stored and prepared thanks to expanded space.
After the meal, people stay and visit,or join one of the many activities; Indigenous Teachings and Crafts, Art Therapy, Seniors Wellness, Literacy, and More. No one feels pressured to move on, but everyone is welcome to see themselves as having the potential to grow. Oak Table is a community of compassion for those facing loneliness thanks to amazing volunteers who will tell you themselves they’re getting as much as they’re giving.

This Community Kitchen will also be used by all those who share the building with us, the childcare facilities Family Dinners, the performance spaces before concert mixers, the congregations after Sunday service coffee, funeral, wedding and other private bookings. This community kitchen will feature two universal washrooms for people with accessibility concerns, and the dining hall will have safety flooring so those who are coming in from the cold don’t slip.

For three months of the year we will also serve up some very important morning coffee, as we share the space with Just a Warm Sleep, an overnight emergency warming centre on Winnipeg’s coldest nights of the year. Offering temporary shelter to up to 25 people per night, Just a Warm Sleep tries to make sure no one has to be cold and alone outside in our winter months.

We make sure people like Phil have a place to stay. Phil returned from war in the Afghanistan, where he witnessed things no one should. Today he's trying to come back to normalcy without feeling normal. Soldiers living with PTSD spend their time with us. Because of PTSD we lose more military men and women at home than abroad; the need for spaces to welcome them as they are and support them to heal is needed today to honour the ways they served our country. Phil needs someone to talk to when he can talk, a place he is allowed to be even though he is having flashbacks, someone checking in on him, who knows where he lives outside, if he hasn't been around in a few days.

That's what our kitchen can be with your help! Your vote and Aviva's help will ensure that we can build a larger new kitchen to meet the growing demand for our services. We’ve seen a huge increase in guests needing a warm meal at a place that feels like home. Help us make a home for a hundred!

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