Small Ideas: $10,000


As of now, the students at our school do not have access to a playground. The only playground in the three neighbouring communities is too far for the students to walk to during the school day. We, as a school and community are trying to build a playground close to our school that our students can use. This playground will be used by over 200 students in our school, including our Kindergarten students who are missing out on some much needed outside play time. The children and adults in our community can also benefit from this playground as it will be open to all members of the community to come and enjoy. We have been fundraising in our school now for two years and are still trying to get the much needed funds to see this project become a reality. It is so vital to the students at our school and to the children in our community to have a welcoming, safe and accessible place to play. All children deserve to have a place where they can go play and enjoy being kids.

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St.Peter's School (Newfoundland and Labrador Education Foundation Inc)

Location: Upper Island Cove