Small Ideas: $10,000


Say Ça! offers free one-on-one English and French tutoring, mentorship, and monthly cultural outings to newcomer youth in Montreal. This enables our student to improve their language skills through personalized tutoring, while creating long-lasting relationships with our volunteers. This helps them integrate into their community while getting a sense of belonging in Montreal. Through our cultural outings, our students get a chance to learn more about Montreal, Quebec, and Canada and/or interact with the community. Say Ça! is an organization that has been working for two and a half years and intends to continue to do so in Montreal, and expand outside of the province in the near future.
The Aviva fund would help us cover our program expenses. We are an organization that runs 100% thanks to volunteer effort. $10 000 would enable us to provide our students with more enriching cultural outings ($6000/year), volunteers with training workshops ($1200/year), it would cover our lesson preparation material costs ($400), and it would allow us to provide our students and volunteers with refreshments ($1000). Moreover, we would be able to provide our students most in need with Opus passes ($600) and we would be able to better promote our organization for further growth ($800).

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Say Ça! Circle of Support for Refugee and Newcomer Students

Location: Montreal