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ACO will host a weekend retreat for Parent Support Group Leaders from across Ontario

For a family created through adoption connecting with a Parent Support group in their own community provides them with the guidance they need to reduce isolation, create of sense of belonging and provide them with critical resources they need.

Creating a thriving network of Parent-led Support groups is at the core of ACO's work.

Currently, ACO connects with more than 45 Parent-Support groups in the Province through conference calls and newsletters.

As we continue to connect with group leaders to help set up groups, we must also provide them with leadership training and program development resources to ensure groups can be sustainable and grow over time to meet the unique needs of their community.

ACO will host a leadership retreat for Parent Leaders to:

•Help them start, rejuvenate or enhance their skills in providing group and peer mentorship to families in their area
•Help them create a coalition of parents and professionals regionally and provincially to share resources and advocate for needed programs.
•Connect parent leaders with other experts and useful resources in a variety of areas of post-adoption support they have identified as gaps in their area.

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