Big Ideas: $100,000


For the past 12 months, we have served over 1000 meals to the children and families in our neighborhood, though cooking, BBQ's and special events.

For the upcoming year, our goal is to serve over 1500 meals.

Slave Lake Wesleyan Church is situated in one of the poorest sections of our community known by the locals as "Little Compton." Most of the families are either single mothers, and about 80% of them are indigenous.

We provide two programs a week to allow the children to have a safe spot to play, learn and grow. We teach basic math, writing, and reading skills as well as how to resolve conflict in a non-violent way. We seek to find the talents of the children and then encourage them to improve those skills.

We presently run two age levels, LAUNCH, Love, Accept, Understand, Nourish, Comfort, and Heal (Ages 4-8) and
DREAM, Discover, Reach, Encourage, Activate, and Mentor (9 and up). We plan to implement another when we have children old enough called INSPIRE, Imagine, Navigate, Security, Peace, Inclusion, Reason, and Empower (13 and up).

Part of our programs is mentoring, so each age group is mentoring the younger group. As well it also includes a component of community service. So far this year our older children have been involved in cleaning up the community beach, and the local neighborhood, we have also baked cookies, and the younger children decorated them and brought them to the ER staff, RCMP, Fire Department, and Town Hall. We have plans in place to allow the children in our program to give back in the way of volunteering for other non-profit organizations such as the Slave Lake Native Friendship Centre and others.

We need the funds to continue to run our programs, to have renovations to our building's kitchen and eating area so we can continue to be efficient. At present these programs are run by volunteers, including myself. We want to expand our programs, but resources are limited. We have plans to offer opportunities to the families in our area. We want to introduce the following:
1) We want to purchase resources, such as budgeting and parenting material to have it available to the parents as well as renovate a space downstairs for a children's play area and an upstairs room for parents to have a chance to connect and talk.
2) Parent and tot drop-in, with ongoing training on parenting, discipline, and parenting support.
3) To provide a safe place for children four years old and up to learn, help with homework, provide opportunities to discover talents and teach entrepreneurial skills as well as mentorship opportunities for the children to learn and then give back to the younger children and the community.
4) To build a small space outside on our property including a small playset and picnic tables for children and parent to come and relax.
5) To purchase food for our programs to feed the children who attend.

Slave Lake Wesleyan exists to "Reach Out and Bring Hope" to our neighborhood and community. This neighborhood of Slave Lake lacks all the programs mentioned above. To access these programs most people in this low-income area of town must walk or take a taxi especially in the winter months. Slave Lake Wesleyan is located within 500 meters of the Middle school and 500 meters of the furthest house in the Low-Income area.

This grant would help us help the community.

PS - I do have a video, but it is not on youtube. I can email it to you if you have an email that I can access. Thank you for your consideration.

Peggy Yetman, MA

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Slave Lake Wesleyan Church

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