Community Development

Funding level: Up to $50,000


Technology for Seniors is being developed by seniors and for seniors, to address the knowledge and capability gap of seniors in our community, understanding computers, the internet and technologies designed to help make their lives easier and information more readily available. Without a good working knowledge of computer and internet technology, seniors in our community are quickly losing their ability to remain independent as their reliance on others to conduct their financial, business and personal needs increases. As the world moves more quickly into the electronic, paperless realm, seniors are being left behind, unable to cope. The objective is to help seniors move from fear and confusion, to coping and thriving in today’s technology based world. Seniors will be able to remain in close contact with loved ones through visual technology, phone texting technology and social media platforms, wherever family and friends might be living. Seniors will be able to stay in their own home and community longer, having an ability to shop on-line, pay bills, conduct banking transactions and manage investments. Information readily available through web-surfing on the internet will be key components to keep seniors well informed on current affairs, upcoming events, and new medical information designed to improve their daily living. Critical thinking strategies will be delivered to insure seniors understand what is trustworthy and truthful information, on-line. Managing the hardware components and a better understanding of the “mechanical” operation of computers, printers, internet routers and networks will be a key component to this project, so that seniors are well versed in what computer technology they have when troubleshooting support is required. Through this process, seniors will be able to “drive” their computer technology, as easily as they drive their car. Included in this program will be an inter-generational opportunity for learning and exchanging knowledge and experience. High school students will be asked to support the project and work with seniors in a one-on-one situation within the courses being provided.

Cremona Community Engagement Society

Location: Cremona