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Funding level: $50,000 to $100,000



Teach For Canada is seeking a contribution from the Aviva Community Fund to support our community-based approach to making education more equal. This funding will directly cover the costs for northern First Nations leaders to participate in Teach For Canada’s teacher recruitment, teacher interviews, teacher preparation and teacher support programs. Together, we will recruit, prepare, and support 60+ teachers who will directly impact 1200+ students across 20 First Nations in northern Ontario.


Education in Canada is a success story. Study after study shows that our public schools are among the best in the world. But high overall quality masks deep inequality. On First Nations reserves, 3 in 5 students do not complete high school. In remote communities, teachers are tough to recruit and even tougher to retain. And, too often, teachers arrive in northern First Nations schools without the preparation and support they need to succeed—and stay—in the classroom.

Teach For Canada works with northern First Nations to help students and teachers succeed. We recruit outstanding teachers from across the country, provide 3 weeks of community-focused summer training, and give ongoing teacher support for a minimum of 2 years. Since 2015, we have recruited a total of 108 teachers who have impacted 2000+ students across 18 First Nations in northern Ontario, and their inspirational teaching is helping students succeed.

Our Idea

Teach For Canada has been oversubscribed by partnership requests from communities across northern Ontario, where there is a significant need for high-quality educators who will succeed—and stay—in the classroom. This year, we will grow from 18 to 20 First Nation partners and recruit, prepare, and support an additional 60+ teachers who will impact 1200+ students.

Teach For Canada’s core values—humility, respect, collaboration, integrity, and learning—guide our approach to partnership and program development and inform our understanding that the process is, and always will be, community directed. Communities are directly involved in every aspect of our programming. A contribution from the Aviva Community Fund will support the following community-based activities:

• Community engagement: We will grow from 18 to 20 First Nation partners in Ontario. Teach For Canada’s unique approach to community engagement is relationship based and focuses on collaborative and reciprocal partnerships.

• Bi-annual Advisory Council meetings: We will hold 2 Advisory Council meetings with our 20 First Nations partners: one in Toronto and one in Thunder Bay. Teach For Canada’s Advisory Council includes representatives from each of our First Nation partners and provides feedback on our programs.

• Community participation in programs: Representatives from each of our 20 First Nation partners will be invited to participate in all aspects of Teach For Canada’s recruitment, preparation, and support programs.

• Community-based teacher selection: Representatives from each of our 20 First Nation partners will be invited to sit on our Teacher Selection Panels. Panelists conduct 3-part interviews and will select 60+ teachers that have the right aptitude, skills, and fit to succeed in a northern First Nation.

• Community-based teacher support: Teach For Canada will support each of our 20 First Nations partners in their community-based efforts to welcome teachers into First Nation schools and communities.

Join us, as we work together to make education more equal.

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Teach For Canada

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