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Funding level: $50,000 to $100,000


The Brockville Police After School Program was developed to fill a gap in after school programming for youth in the Brockville area. This program allows youth in grades 7-12 and opportunity to participate in a variety of activities and be connected to resources in a safe, inclusive and adult supported environment.

The After School Program focuses on fitness and health promotion including mental wellbeing, ongoing learning and a connection to community resources.

Each Tuesday from 3:00pm-5:30pm youth can access the After School Program and take part in a variety of sports and recreational activities such as laser tag, basketball, hockey, baseball, volleyball, obstacle courses and badminton to name a few. In addition youth can participate in various other activities such as board games, magic, arts and crafts, engineering challenges and fun team building games.

In addition to the fitness and recreation component, youth also have access to a healthy snack or meal every evening to allow an opportunity for them to be fed, gain some nutrients and stay energized throughout the After School Program. Food insecurity exists for youth when they cannot get enough food to eat that is safe, that they like to eat and that helps them to be healthy.

A great addition to the program that we felt necessary to have was the additional access to a homework help area for students who wish to access this service and gain the extra help from older peers or adults who have a strength in a variety of subjects.

With having so many youth in one place, the program can leverage the opportunities to introduce them to many community agencies that they may need to access at some point within their lives such as the Employment and Education Centre, Children's Mental Health, The Health Unit etc. The program can act as a hub of resources and referrals as we know when youth become comfortable and feel safe, they share concerns or needs with safe adults who can appropriately steer them in the right direction for the support that they may need.

Another focus of the program is to remove barriers for everyone, thus we keep all aspects of the program 100% FREE for all youth who attend and want to participate or try anything there is to do within the program. Allowing a wide spectrum of youth from our community to come together and positively engage in a variety of activities together helps to build unity and networking at a young age that will serve to be beneficial as they get older.

Having youth positively engaged and active during the after school program can have many positive affects on their mental wellbeing which will transfer to other aspects of their lives.

A national scan of after school programs indicate that 88% are targeted to children 5 to 12 and only 49% are even open to teenagers. Lack of youth programming has implications for health behaviours other than physical activity; research indicates that as the length of unsupervised time increases in this age group so does the risk for experimentation with behaviours such as sexual activity, alcohol and marijuana use. (2011 Healthy Kids Canada Report Card) Knowing this information, the program has a community safety focus by having over 100 youth per night at the program and allowing them the opportunities to make good choices, set goals, make new peer connections and have a sense of belonging, which will help to lower the chance of risky behaviours and choices made elsewhere that could have increased negative effects on their lives.

The program ensures that that all the youth are well supervised and supported with over 30 volunteers each night ensuring the program runs efficiently and that the youth are always engaged.

The Brockville Police After School Program is excited to work with youth to make a difference within the Brockville community and this program strives to offer engaging, safe and inclusive programming for youth in grades 7-12 every Tuesday completely FREE.

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