Community Development

Funding level: $50,000 to $100,000


Help us bring bees and the values they teach to communities in need.

BEEA Honey with Heart is a youth-led community investment project. With the guidance of Family SOS and community partners, participants (ages 12 - 17 years) are responsible for managing beehives, ensuring the well-being of the bees, and educating their community on the global importance of bees. Through its pilot phase, the BEEA project is currently enriching HRM communities in three community gardens located in Spryfield, North End Halifax, and Dartmouth North.

Another unique BEEA feature is the opportunity for participants to take part in the marketing of their honey. Along with collecting food from the gardens to share at home, youth will harvest and package honey for sale to local customers, with all proceeds reinvested in the project. After fixed costs are met, our goal is to setup a scholarship program for youth participants to attend post secondary institutes, which offer a business related degree. Youth attend beekeeping workshops led by an experienced beekeeper and seminars on small business operation led by community partners. Through events and festivals, the youth in turn, have the opportunity to share the knowledge they acquire with their communities.

Join us in a project that:

• Engages youth in a venture that develops a sense of community pride
• Empowers youth to become role models for their peers and leaders in their communities
• Promotes skill building and education among youth and community participants
• Instills values of hard work and giving back to the community
• Educates youth and community members on environmental sustainability and self-reliance
• Inspires confidence and fosters a sense of belonging
• Enhances mental health and overall well-being

Assistance from the AVIVA Community Fund will take the BEEA project to the next level. The first step is to expand into five additional marginalized HRM communities, over the next two years. This will allow BEEA to be a model that will help many more communities thrive. Along with the purchase of materials and tools required for beehive and fencing construction, funding will allow the purchase of beekeeping equipment. All beehive construction, maintenance and honey harvesting will involve collaboration of youth participants, led by an experienced beekeeper. A small portion of funding will contribute to a full time coordinator to ensure the project maintains integrity and reaches full potential. This individual will be responsible for implementing the model, engaging youth participants, attracting community members and partners, and facilitating workshops.

Through collaboration with community partners, youth participants will learn:

• Concepts surrounding environmental sustainability and food security
• Entrepreneurship and business practices
• Public speaking and media relations
• First Aid training, courses in Food Handling and Safety
• Practical workplace skills

Beehives and honey are more than structures and products - they are the means to bring communities together. Through empowering our youth and teaching them the necessary tools needed to succeed, we aim to help break the poverty cycle in the communities we impact.

We hope you are as excited about BEEA as we are! Your vote will give wings to a project that promises to work as busy as bees to make sure that no child or community gets left behind.

Broker supported

Family SOS Association

Location: Halifax