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Funding level: Up to $50,000


Many seniors lack resources and community due to disconnection from people and activities. At Senior Persons Living Connected (SPLC) , we strive to bridge the social isolation gap by providing impactful services for seniors.

Our Health Promotion and Recreation Department have offered workshops and traditional classes for seniors and older adults for over 30 years. These classes range from art, music, dance and fitness. We want to develop an innovative self-defense class to renew seniors’ independence and bring in new community participants. Seniors Street Smarts On-The Go will demonstrate innovative skills training for older adults and seniors in the Scarborough community using a Train the Trainer model. This means, we will give interested participants enabling tools to become class instructors after the full ten week session.
Located in Scarborough, Ontario, in an area with a high population of immigrants and low-income individuals and families, Senior Street Smarts On-The-Go will be the first of its kind to provide self-defense classes and demonstrations for seniors in 2 capacities: physical and mental awareness. In addition to funding the class itself and the equipment required for participants, the grant will go towards enhancing one of our specially designed vehicles dedicated to on-the-go skills training. This will allow us to reach communities within the neighbourhood they reside in, especially for people who may not know about our services, but could benefit from it.

Senior Street Smarts On-The-Go will be broken down in 2 components: on-site, at our SPLC Centre and on-the-go demonstrations in the community. On-site, there will be a 10 week class of 15 students who will learn about physical self-defense and mental awareness through a trained instructor. In the mental awareness classes, older adults and seniors will learn about scams and fraudulent situations they are commonly the target of such as grandparent scams, emergency scams, and charity scams. Students will learn from "The Little Black Book of Scams", a guide to protection against fraud (Competition Bureau of Canada). Fraudsters unfortunately target seniors and it is estimated that from January 2015-December 2016, Canadians aged 60-79 lose almost $28,000,000 to various scams (Competition Bureau, 2017).

On-the-go skills training will demonstrate what to be aware of through information displayed on our mobile digital kiosk , hand-out packages and face to face dialogue. We will teach older adults and seniors what to do in specific situations, so they understand what to be aware of to remain physically safe in a diverse range of situations. In order to do this, we will demonstrate and provide physical practice.

At SPLC, our tag line is "Everyone Here Belongs". Senior Street Smarts On-The-Go will represent our slogan by welcoming marginalized older adults and seniors to an opportunity that will allow them to reclaim their independence and enjoy the rhythm of their life in their communities.

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