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Funding level: $50,000 to $100,000


Wayne John Memorial Recreation Complex was one of the Grand Prize Winners of the Aviva Community Fund in 2015. We completed our playground in Oct 2016 and it has been a success throughout our community! This past summer, we noticed that the playground was nearly empty on the hotter days, which is to be expected, but we came to notice that a lot of our community kids were travelling to communities 30-90 minutes away to play in their splash pads.

The location of our Recreation Complex lends itself to warmer temperatures than the rest of the town. As kids from surrounding communities have been enjoying the new playground in our complex, I have no doubt they would do the same for a splash pad! Many members of our community have voiced a need for such a facility in our area. They are looking to the town to provide the splash pad, but as we found out during the playground fundraising, these facilities are quite expensive and though beneficial to the town, cannot take precedence over other municipal obligations. The town has approached our committee to once again help with fundraising for a splash pad, and our first thought was Aviva, as we would not have achieved such a beautiful new playground without Aviva's contribution.

We have approached a representative and have a quote for the splash pad and plan in the early stages. We know from our past experience building the playground on the complex that we will need funding for costs over and above the quote for equipment, including installation fees and materials. The recreation complex has large green space that would be the ideal spot to install the equipment, and we will need a changing area and bathroom installed in the area as well, adding to the necessary funding. We would break ground on the project as soon as the necessary funds are available.

Summer time is short, and we have to enjoy the weather while we have it. Having a splash pad in our area means less time spent in the car and more time in the fresh air; time spent with friends getting much needed play time, social interaction (for parents and children) and exercise. It is not only the families in the Southeast, or even the Placentia area that would benefit from this new facility. Families from communities even a half hour away would come to our area, instead of having to travel for an hour or more to avail of a splash pad in another area.

With the addition of a splash pad we not only want to improve the Wayne John Searle Memorial Recreation Complex, but we want to provide increased opportunities for healthy activities for our children and increase pride in our community.

"Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity."
- Kay Redfield Jamison

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Southeast Playground Improvement Committee

Location: Placentia

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