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Funding level: $50,000 to $100,000


Currently children and youth (0-19) who require access to specialized therapy resources and equipment to assist in their development are not fully able to participate in some of our Child Development Centre programs due to the location of our Sensory Motor Development Room. Located in the basement of our current facility with no access for those requiring extra supports for mobility. Our dream is to develop a brand new Sensory Motor Room in our Regional Facility, located in the heart of Smithers, British Columbia, located on the main floor of our facility so all children and youth can access these free resources and services offered in this therapy room.

This specialized room would be used on a weekly basis for children and youth who may have the following: developmental delays, developmental disabilities, autism, cerebral palsy and sensory motor delays. This room will be used for sensory integration therapy, but also for other motor groups, such as our infant massage class, early walkers program, and more.

The room will be constructed on the main floor of the Regional Centre to ensure accessibility for all. This room will have sound proof walls and ceiling that would support specialized anchors for the therapy equipment - such as swings or gliders. Space in this room will be designated for other sensory based equipment to assist children in their motivation to move and develop their skills.

Sensory Motor Room will be designed to support all children, youth to have access to a specialized room to assist in their developmental potential. “Sensory Motor Rooms” are based on the principles of Sensory Integration Therapy. “Sensory Integration” supports those individuals with developmental disorders who have difficulties processing sensory input. Sensory Integration is an “active” therapy that requires specialized equipment to motivate children and youth to move based on their sensory system. Sensory programs for children and youth are developed and supervised by the Pediatric Therapists in the Early Intervention and School Age Therapy programs.

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