Community Health

Funding level: $50,000 to $100,000


Our small francophone school in Fortune Bridge, PEI has outgrown our current facility and will be moving into a brand new facility just a few minutes up the road in Rollo Bay, in early 2018. Our new facility will house a K-12 school, a community centre, and a daycare. This is a very exciting time in our small community!

This building will be an amazing structure for our children to learn in but unfortunately we are unable to take any of our current playground equipment with us due to safety regulations. This is where we really need some help. We are looking to purchase new play structures with ability to serve a large age range of students to meet their needs. Right now it's a blank slate with nothing but a field.

This would have a huge impact on our school community and the people who live in the surrounding areas. Living in a rural community, this could be a destination for people to bring their kids outside school hours. And during school time it will be much enjoyed by the children attending our school. These kids are passionate about play and really love their outdoor time! We live in a predominantly English community and this would also be a great opportunity to showcase the culture and history of our Eastern Kings Acadien/Francophone community!


Location: Rollo Bay