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Funding level: Up to $50,000


McAdam Nature Trail Project
Location: 96 Saunders Road McAdam NB
Behind our Historic McAdam Train Station

Our goal for 2018 is to upgrade our community walking trail by replacing five aging bridges along its length.

During 2017, to keep the trail safe and viable for public use, we have had to carry out stop gap repairs to deteriorating trail bridges. Our Village Chief Administration Officer has advised the Village Council that the state of the five bridges along the trail have reached a point where they need to be replaced.

Our Nature Trail provides our Community of all ages a place to get exercise and enjoy nature. In small Communities, there are limited things to do and this trail is used on a daily basis by a wide variety of people.

The walking trail is an important part of both co-curricular and extra-curricular activities at McAdam High School. It is used by both middle school and high school classes in the fields of biology, environmental science, leadership, outdoor pursuits, as well as physical education.
The great diversity of plants and animals present in the station pond and the surrounding forest area make it a perfect place to do science field work. In physical education and leadership classes it is used for “pedometer challenges”, orienteering using compasses and maps, and geocaching using portable GPS units.
Each year our high school hosts an annual cross-country event using the walking trail. It is considered one of the best runs on the NBIAA calendar because of the spectacular scenery as well as the quality of the run itself. Upwards of 150-200 runners participate representing approximately 20 school from around the province in middle school and high school races.
The trail is a major asset to both our community and two schools. No other facility like it exists anywhere in our village.
To maintain the trail’s viability in 2018, we hope to secure funding to replace all five bridges through avenues such as the Avivia Community Fund.
Thank you for your consideration of this proposal.

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McAdam Nature Trail - Village of McAdam

Location: McAdam