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Funding level: $50,000 to $100,000


If you have food and you have love, but nowhere to lay your head, your life is like a 3-legged stool with broken leg. Shelter is one of life’s basic necessities. Imagine having your belly filled and your heart warmed each day, but then having to head “home” to sleep under a bridge or in a parkade. Add to that a struggle with mental illness or addiction, and you have a recipe for despair and even death.

From Homeless To Home

Being homeless, even for a day, is something none of us would ever want to experience. Without rest, it’s inconceivable to come up with a recovery plan to start to rebuild your life.

Each day, up to 190 guests are served a hot, nutritious meal by neighbours who care at Souls Harbour Rescue Mission. Men, women and children have a meal. They encounter love. And for many, that is enough. But others are looking for more than a meal. They want to truly gain their independence through overcoming life’s hurdles.

“I’ve only been homeless for one day in my life, but I never want to go through that again. It was the worst day of my life.” Will, one of our lunch guests who also volunteers

Life Recovery Shelter

A Recovery Shelter is a unique approach that allows for a highly individualized program to work with men who have a variety of challenges:

*Release from prison
*Mental Health Issues
*Brain injuries

It’s a safe and sober space to sleep. But it’s so much more. It would help people transition from homelessness or addiction to independence and sobriety. It would provide those coming out of prison a safe place to retrain for a job in order to regain a place in our community.

We’re Already Here

For 5 years we have been assisting men like Gerald, who had a brain injury, to get retraining so he could find work he could do. And we have worked with men like Samuel, who, after serving our country in the military, to get counselling for his PTSD and suicidal thoughts. We have seen tremendous success with just our work at Drop In Centre, but we could do so much more. Imagine with us the number of men that could have transformed lives if they could just have a little more of our time, and spend their days and nights with us, rather than on the streets or in flop houses.

If you can’t build out, they say, build up. We have had a structural engineer approve adding a floor to build a recovery shelter right here at our Drop In site. Our residents would plug into our existing services - food, clothing, counselling, meetings and workplace experience. It is also the most cost effective way to expand our impact in the community, saving on mortgage and staffing costs.

“This place is just so peaceful. I love coming here every day for lunch.” - Paul

From Dream To Reality

7 years ago Ken and Michelle Porter drove 4000 km across Canada to a place where they knew no one, because there was a need. They began with opening up a drop in centre and started serving 20 meals a day. Now Souls Harbour serves over 40,000 meals annually, and they have a satellite location in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. Guests come into an environment where they are treated with welcome, hope and dignity. They leave not only with material needs met but also feeling restored emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

*Open 6 days a week and some evenings for hot, nutritious meals
*Over 150,000 items of clothing given free each year
*Over 1000 winter jackets distributed in 2016
*Over 1000 good, used all-season military boots distributed in 2017
*3-course holiday dinners for 400 guests
* A Bridgewater satellite is in full operation
* Over 30,000 volunteer hours annually

“There is so much confusion in my mind. I like coming here. It’s where I can feel peace.” - Shane, one of our guests who struggles with mental illness

Recovery begins with shelter. Help us provide a place of hope and healing for men who are homeless, hungry and hurting in Halifax.

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Souls Harbour RESCUE Mission

Location: Halifax

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