Community Resilience

Funding level: $50,000 to $100,000


Trusted EVisors™ – The Electric Vehicle Society Campaign

Improving Community Resilience One Car at a Time

Conventional gas and diesel fueled cars produce emissions that make it harder to breathe, contribute to smog, and are a significant source of greenhouse gases that cause climate change. They are expensive to operate and owners suffer with constantly fluctuating fuel prices. Wouldn't it be great if we could own a car that didn't pollute, was less expensive to operate, and more fun to drive?

Electric vehicles (EVs) are those cars! They're powered by batteries, not gas or diesel. They cost less to operate than conventional cars, require less maintenance, and produce no harmful emissions. Their lower operating costs frees up money for life’s necessities.

• Affordable EV models are available but how does someone choose the best vehicle?
• What are the pros and cons of the different models?
• Are they practical for families?
• Importantly where can a person get trustworthy answers?

EV owners in Ontario formed the EV Society. We know EVs improve our quality of life and make our communities safer, healthier, and more prosperous. The EV Society's chapters have about 1,000 members across Ontario. We’ve engaged communities as a trustworthy non-profit group supporting EV awareness since 1994.

Outreach at dozens of community events each year involves hundreds of enthusiastic owners who have driven millions of EV kilometres. Events provide Ontarians with a chance to learn from our real-life experiences about how possible, positive, and fun EV ownership is.

We're striving to reach more people with credible information and to dispel misinformation and myths about EVs. Our campaign will allow us to reach people who want to know more about EVs and accelerate the rEVolution.

Trusted EVisors™ will be an initiative designed to reach a diverse audience with educational tools that will assist people in learning about and considering an EV as their next car purchase. Easy to access advice from EV owners can provide people with the data they need to help them make an informed decision. Information will also help dealers and others unfamiliar with EVs and will also support other non-profits and government agencies working to accelerate EV adoption.

Funding is needed to develop social media, education, outreach, and promotional materials; and an integrated website/app platform to fill this communications gap.

Enhanced outreach will provide meaningful connections to passionate EV owners. The unique Trusted EVisors™ app will allow users to quickly find local EV owners so they can learn first-hand about what it’s like to drive electric. User satisfaction, effectiveness, and accessibility will be measured to ensure that performance is continuously improved.

In the app, the user will create a personal profile. Nearby EV outreach events will be listed for easy reference. Available EVs will be profiled with their costs compared to similar conventional cars. The Total Cost of Ownership of buying an EV will be explained in simple terms. A user-based EV dealer rating system will help buyers find the best EV dealers and other services, such as insurance, to ensure a satisfying buying/owner experience. The app’s matchmaking function will connect people to someone they can trust to answer their questions without bias or judgement. Match requests will go to trained Trusted EVisors™. The live-chat function will connect prospective owners with experienced and trained Trusted EVisors™ who will deliver volunteer support during a broad range of day and evening hours.

We’re excited about helping people better their lives and the planet!

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Location: Ontario, Canada