Community Development

Funding level: $50,000 to $100,000


Barnwell School is literally the center of our small community! When it was announced that this school would be modernized, the public saw the opportunity to create a type of community centre that would house a public library, performance theatre, art room and a wellness centre, all housed within the school. The objective was to leverage the modernization to provide a superior facility for both the community and school. There is no other place in our town for community events to happen, so immediate efforts were made to raise $2,045,500 for these enhancements. Working together, our small community has fundraised over $1.5 million but still find ourselves short $489,812. Becoming an Aviva Community Fund recipient would greatly impact our ability to complete this fundraising goal.
Barnwell School has always been the hub of activity here. It has been a place for families from different backgrounds to unite. In recent years, the population of our town has grown to be even more diverse with many newcomers. We hope the completion of this improved facility will provide a starting point for bringing these vast backgrounds together in unity.
Some newcomers are immigrants with limited English-speaking skills. It is hoped that a new, vibrant facility will provide a space where diverse groups will interact comfortably and newcomers will overcome their hesitation to attend our local school. Literacy programs, such as Moms and Tots, offered within the library will provide opportunities for all citizens of our community to learn and grow together, bridging cultural gaps that exist between neighbours. Our performance theatre and art room will allow creative exploration to happen in a variety of ways, embracing cultural diversity despite language barriers. Our wellness centre will provide a destination for friends and neighbours to gather to strengthen their physical health and provide real world interactions for improving language skills.
As time passes, the number of senior citizens in our community continues to increase. With the school housing the local public library, many seniors will now have the opportunity to interact with our youth on a daily basis. We look forward to bridging generational gaps by hosting programs such as Between Friends, where seniors interact with young people at the school in creative environments providing much-needed socialization for all. Seniors will also be able to take advantage of the safe, indoor, wellness facility to maintain their physical health regardless of the outside weather.
Finally, we hope that the development of this community-centred facility will greatly enhance the rural lifestyle of all citizens, regardless of age, gender, religion or cultural background. We hope all will benefit from access to a new, technologically advanced library providing more than just a place to check out books, but to embrace vast resources of knowledge available through free internet access. We hope families from all denominations will find the library to be a safe place to learn and play creatively. We hope all will take advantage of the opportunities now available to develop further creative skills and broaden their talents. We hope citizens from all walks of life will utilize the services that will be available at the wellness centre.
It was an audacious goal for our small village to raise the necessary funds to build these enhancements. We have had wonderful support from our local government, businesses and generous individuals who have stepped up to help offset these costs. Through the generosity of Horizon School Division, the construction is nearing completion, thanks to their offer to bridge financing for the remaining amount over the next 5 years. Our community will continue to work hard to re-pay this amount in a timely manner. Receiving a contribution from the Aviva Community Fund could greatly assist us in accomplishing this community goal.

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