Community Development

Funding level: Up to $50,000


Empowering Employment is an employability training program to build a pathway to work for vulnerable and homeless adults. The program will support participants to enter the workforce through a combination of skills training, job placements and holistic support programs.

For vulnerable adults, employment is often the only realistic option to escape poverty. Unfortunately, there are always multiple barriers to work. These can include mental health, lack of skills or education, physical disabilities, addictions, and a lack of work experience and professional networks. Our program provides long term support to participants to build confidence, skills and opportunity. We help them find a job and keep it.

The Empowering Employment program includes:
-270 hours of training
-Personal career coaching
-Integrated mental health support and counselling
-Network building with employers ready to hire vulnerable adults
-Links to meals, health and hygiene, housing and support services
-Work experience placements
-Flexible scheduling and a ‘work at your own pace’ program
-Employer support, and follow-up

At the heart of this program are the volunteer trainers. Coming from our employer partners who are interested in hiring vulnerable adults, these trainers each teach a course, sharing their skills and experience with participants. They become a part of those participant’s professional network, and play an active part in helping them find work. Over the course of the program, each participant will meet many trainers, building connections to a wide range of potential employers.

With a fifty year history of working with Victoria’s homeless community, Our Place Society knows our participants. This program has been designed with our community, to include everything they need in order to succeed. Empowering Employment is not a one-time intervention, but an ongoing program that participants can engage in at their own pace, enter at any level, and where they will always find a next step towards work and independence. Empowering Employment provides a pathway to work, and offers a helping hand every step of the way.

Our Place Society has raised enough money to fund the salaries, training costs, and administration involved. We are asking Aviva to fund our classroom space, including furniture, refurbishment, computers, and utilities. This money will allow the program to start in a high quality space with everything that we need for success. This dedicated training space will make possible the life-changing program we have worked so hard to create, and will provide a legacy for vulnerable adults to make use of for years to come.

Our Place Society

Location: Victoria