Community Health

Funding level: $50,000 to $100,000


The current skate park was installed in 2004. It is very well used by the community, but it is designed for more advanced users. We have had several request from the community to expand the skate park to accommodate the use of the skate park, and to make a more basic park that will accommodate a younger and/or less experienced crowd. Our plan is to expand the skate park by adding a 100’ x 50’ smooth finish concrete pad with a curb, ramps, rails and some portable equipment. This will provide a free place for youth and young adults to be physically active and play in the community. The portable equipment also provides us with a unique opportunity. Although its annual home will be at the expanded skate park pad, we will have the opportunity to move the equipment throughout the year to parking lots and cement pads in various locations within the city. We will ensure that the locations chosen for the portable equipment will be in lower income neighborhoods in the city and it will circulate to different locations throughout the summer. A portable skate park is a unique opportunity for the City of Camrose.

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City of Camrose

Location: Camrose