Community Development

Funding level: $50,000 to $100,000


Expanding and improving the existing kitchen at Nova Scotia's largest emergency men’s shelter Metro Turning Point.

2.5 million years ago, it is believed social bonds helped ensure early man's survival. The first of humans collected food from a variety of sources and came together at established eating spots where resources were shared. These early humans also controlled fire and begin cooking food at these gathering places. Social Hearth goes back to those very first social bonds that ensured our survival in the world. We need a “Social Hearth” for those we serve.

Our day to day work at Metro Turning Point is focused on the basic human needs - providing food, water, warmth and rest. The day to day life of our guests is the need for physical survival, which motivates their behavior and impacts mental health, mood and decisions.
At Metro Turning Point we provide water for thirst, a shelter for warmth and a bed for rest. We try and provide food and do a great job at gathering resources from the community. We have an established eating spot yet there are only 8 chairs and 4 tables in the dining area, the kitchen is small, outdated and not functional to prepare the one meal a day for 78 individuals. The fire we need to cook the food is small and not sustainable.

Our goal is to be able to efficiently and safely feed nutritious meals to the 78 individuals who stay with us each night, 562 individuals last year. Our guests face homelessness and foodlessness - facing barriers to obtaining food in a socially acceptable way. Soup kitchens, often having limited hours and accessibility, meaning those we see are, simply put, hungry and we do not have the means to provide regular meals. This funding would allow us to offer guests a more dignified experience and increase meals from 1 a day to 3 a day. A larger space would allow more community volunteer opportunities. Increasing food storage space would allow us to handle more donations, adding am expansion would allow the men we serve to sit and not squat on the floor at meal time and serve our city’s most vulnerable persons.

The employees have been witness to what good meals can do. When full meals are provided the guests seem content, the shelter is more peaceful and people rest better. Having a place to prepare and serve more meals and meeting those basic needs will allow people to feel safe and secure and create a sense of belonging which means better decisions and being able to ensure their survival.

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Shelter Nova Scotia- Metro Turning Point

Location: Halifax