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Funding level: $50,000 to $100,000


The community has stressed the need for an aesthetically pleasing, community enhancing facility that attracts members of all ages to enjoy and utilize. The trend in outdoor activities is on the rise. North America is seeing a big upward trend in both Skateboarding and BMX.

It has been proven all over the world that these facilities are conducive to a healthy active lifestyle, both physically and mentally. It is especially important mentally to the age group that needs it the most, as they require an outlet to express themselves. Keep in mind not all youth do well in team sports. Skateboarding and BMX are healthy and affordable alternatives.

It is time to upgrade: It is commonly discussed that our community upgrade our current skate park to one that is larger and more engaging. The current park is limited by its small size and lack of challenging characteristics. Furthermore, its small size forces both beginner and advanced riders to share the same small space compromising safety for the beginners and freedom for the advanced.

The Skatepark is planned to be located within St. Paul at Lagasse Park. The Park is an existing facility at the waterfront in St. Paul. The Town is planning to dedicate a section of the parkland for the construction of this facility. The current Park has playgrounds and a splash park. This new expansion will help make the park more encompassing for all ages of the community as well as visiting tourists or family members

St. Paul BMX & Skatepark is intended to be used and will be used by all nationalities within our community. BMX and Skateboarding has no language or ethnic barriers. It is a sport meant for all ages and from all walks of life. The park will bring francophone, English, aboriginal, and immigrants together in one spot where the bond is strengthened through the sport

St. Paul is a community, which has many other smaller communities surrounding it. It is a hub for many ethnicities that come into town to perform shopping or other activities. The park would be a perfect outlet for all the kids who come into town with their parents. They can be dropped at the park to meet their peers and use the idle time to progress what they love. Our committee is heavily involved with the local youth and we support the physical and mental health of all individuals. Skateboarding and BMX gives all youth an inexpensive outlet that they can build confidence from. It gives them something to do that is positive and takes their mind off of other activities that are negative. Our initiative is working closely with local bands and clubs to help make this a reality.

The initial fundraising goal we are required to meet is $250K. Once met, government grants and bursaries will be obtained to match the raised monies and reach our final goal ($500K). To date through local fundraising events and some business and personal donations, the initiative has raised $21,000. We have had two large commitments from local Councils, 1 from the Town of St. Paul for $30,000 and 1 from the County of St Paul for $30,000.
This brings the total Raised to date to $81,000.00

to view our presentation on why we want to make this a reality and the steps we need to take to get there! please go to the following links located below

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St Paul BMX & Skatepark Initiative

Location: Saint Paul