Community Development

Funding level: $50,000 to $100,000


Bashaw School plays a central role in our small rural community of 873 people. The school was the center of a community wide partnership in 2013 to create a school-based performing and digital arts program, with a vision to eventually expand the program into the community. Community partnerships and collaboration helped the program to succeed by providing in-kind support and sharing facilities and resources. For example, the school did not have space for the performing arts program so a local church provided theirs for the performing arts programs to be created and performed.

Research has shown that performing arts help young people gain confidence, build leadership skills and develop a sense of community. We also know that athletics and physical education fosters healthy social interactions among students. It allows our young children, teenagers and adults to engage in activities that encourage them to support one another and to work effectively in teams. By building on the social capital present in our youth, school and community, we are developing responsible citizens for today and skilled leaders for tomorrow.

In the spring of 2014, it was announced that Bashaw School would receive a brand new school! The proposed structure was smaller than the school it was replacing though, and in particular, decreased the size of the gymnasium to even less than its current size, which was already too small to offer regional and provincial events. The community recognized the value of a larger space for athletics and the performing arts, as well as the opportunities a larger gym would create for community wide events and programs. A dedicated group of organizations and individuals banded together and committed to raising a total of $350,000 necessary for the gym expansion and related enhancements. To date, our small rural community has raised $250,000 and we are committed to raising the remaining funds needed. This is a unique and tremendous opportunity to ensure our school facilities have the capacity to nourish the hearts, minds and bodies of our children and families. The Aviva Community Fund would complete our community's fundraising goal and the impact of the investment in our community would be felt by hundreds of families over many decades to come.

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Bashaw School Enhancement Committee

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