Community Development

Funding level: Up to $50,000


Bridge & Enrich Lives Society (BE) is a non-profit community centre located in Vancouver’s eastside. In order to reach people from all walks of life, especially those who would not usually have access to these types of programs, we choose to offer a drop-in and by-donation format. We have built BE on a platform of “dana”, revenues offered to us by members, practitioners and guests from the treasury of their hearts.
Over the past two years we have welcomed guests and workshop leaders from around the world, all seeking to enrich the lives of others as well as their own. Yoga, meditation, tai chi, life solution workshops, offerings of sacred sound journeys including kirtan are various doorways that invite the community to experience expansion and joy in simply Being.
Since we opened our doors, we have hosted community sessions with Dr. Gabor Maté who is the main speaker of the much needed Beyond Addiction program in our city. We also offer Sound therapy in the form of Gong bath, movement and health classes like Tai Chi, Yoga, dance, and are the studio home of the Ouro dance troupe. We provide meditation and energy healing in different modalities such as Zen, Vedic Sciences and Quantum Life breathwork. We are also connecting with families and young people with our Children and Youth Programs as well as our Nutritional Education offerings.
We are part of a strata building that has 28 residential units in addition to our one commercial unit. After calling this building home for the past two years, we have learned that it is in need of an immediate roof replacement. Our share of this cost is based on square footage, and is amounting to $36,000. We need the financial support for the new roof so we can continue enriching lives and creating healthful opportunities for the people within our neighborhood and in the greater Vancouver area.
Whether an individual is facing illness, addiction, or simply wishes to take part in any program they are welcomed. Vicky Christou is one such BE family member. She is a Neuroendocrine Lung cancer patient. Since 1998, Vicky has had a long battle with cancer and has undergone major surgeries and treatments, and presently lives with inoperable metastatic cancer to her liver. There is no medical cure for her cancer. The possibility of it spreading even further was a hard reality for her to face… On a friend’s recommendation Vicky attended a drop in program at Bridge & Enrich Lives Society. Since that day, she has kept coming back, attending several programs a week, gaining more and more courage and support in her battle. BE has made such a difference to the quality of her life. Vicky is only one of many participants facing life’s different challenges, finding a comfort and care through our amazing community. With your help we can continue to support and uplift people like Vicky.

We need your help to keep the roof over our heads so we can keep offering our programs to our community. We have helped so many people already, enriched so many lives and we would LOVE to continue this journey in an expansive way.

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Bridge & Enrich Lives Society

Location: Vancouver